BitCoin Investor Gummy 10mg/5mg
BitCoin Investor Gummy 10mg/5mg
BitCoin Investor Gummy 10mg/5mg
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BitCoin Investor Gummy 10mg/5mg

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10 gummies with 10mg THC and 5mg CBN that will make you PURR like a Crypto Investor!

Our "BitCoin Investor" 10mg gummy is twice as strong as the 5mg Chill gummy. Perfect for just a nice buzz or getting some ZZZ's and combating sleep anxiety issues. These are for the "regular" user and considered a normal gummy dose. 

These will not necessarily make you sleepy. But when you do get to sleep with the help of the THC...then the CBN will help keep you happily dreaming of all your BitCoin investments


10mg THC & 5mg CBN each (2:1 ratio). 10 gummies per pouch. 

What is CBN? 

CBN is a rare and novel cannabinoid akin to CBD. Our customer feedback tells us that CBN is well received by a majority of the population and is proven to have sedative effects. CBN and Delta-8 together create a positive experience for consumers and are commonly used to ease anxiety, insomnia and pain from arthritis. CBN IS REPORTED TO RELIEVE THC ANXIETY.

What does it mean to be nano-emulsified? 

We’ve been hard at work perfecting our gummies for maximum bioavailability and efficiency. Incorporating pharmaceutical-grade methods, such as Nano-Emulsification, we are able to introduce cannabinoids into the blood stream much more efficiently than other gummy brands. This helps our users reap the benefits, even at lower doses. Onset normally takes effect between 15 minutes to 30minutes.
The National Institute of Health (NIH) says the following about Nano-Emulsification:
Nano-Emulsions are widely used in pharmaceutical systems. Nano-Emulsion formulation offers several advantages such as delivery of drugs, biological or diagnostic agents. Nowadays, Nano-Emulsions are used for targeted drug delivery of various anticancer drugs, photo sensitizers or therapeutic agents. Nano-Emulsion can also provide prolonged action of the medicaments. Overall all Nano-Emulsion formulation may be considered as effective, safe and with increased bioavailability.